Project Overview




Putney, London

Key Design Factors

Compact design for a smaller washroom space

Products Used

  • ThriiTap+ (Deck Mounted)
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    Nando’s Chooses ThriiTap+ 

    Nando’s have recently refurbished their original UK restaurant in Putney, and the flame-grilling experts decided that the ThriiTap+ needed to be included in their spec! 🌶️

    ThriiTap+, the smallest, most versatile 3-in-1 hand wash dryer on the market, uses infrared technology to automatically dispense soap and water, before delivering heated, HEPA filtered air to efficiently dry hands after they’ve been cleaned; all from a single outlet.

    Our Business Development Executive said:

    “It was a fantastic experience working with Nandos’ chosen Architects and Interior Designers. How they envisioned the new washrooms working seamlessly with the ThriiTap+, and integrating it into their design, was impressive.”

    So, if you’re ever feeling cheeky in Putney, make sure you check out the ThriiTap+ while you’re washing the PERi-PERi sauce from your hands.