Project Overview

The smallest, most versatile, 3-in-1 hand wash dryer is here…

Delivering soap, water and air touch-free from a single source, the deck or wall-mounted ThriiTap+ is the smarter way to design hygienic washrooms.

SOAP: The space-saving ThriiTap+ offers adjustable soap settings, with programmable amounts and cycle options, for a very hygienic and tailored experience.

WATER: Providing an instant, controlled water flow from as little as 1.9 lpm. The all-in-one, touch-free ThriiTap+ allows water flow to be configured to suit your washroom with adjustable flow times and cycle options.

AIR: Through its HEPA filter, the ThriiTap+ provides heated air for a pleasant drying experience. With its selectable dryer speeds, the touch-free ThriiTap+ offers a flexible solution that is significantly quieter than conventional hand dryers.

With custom settings and a clever use of space for fixed-position hand washing that reduces movement and improves footfall, the ThriiTap+ means a smarter, more comfortable and hygienic experience.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out this article in the RIBA Journal below…

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ThriiTap in Restaurant Washroom