Project Overview


Pret A Manger


Dublin, Ireland

Key Design Factors

Compact design for a smaller washroom space

Products Used

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  • Purchase ThriiTap+

    Pret A Manger finds the Perfect Space-Saving Solution for Irish Expansion Project!

    In 2022, Pret A Manger (Pret) announced its ambitious project to open 20 new locations across the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and Northern Ireland (NI).

    Now underway, the chain’s significant new project specified ThriiTap+ thanks to the product’s convenient, 3-in-1 hand wash dryer functionality, and in summer 2023, Pret opened its first Irish shop on Dawson Street in Dublin with the help of contractor, MG Developments.

    One of the biggest factors to consider when designing washrooms is the amount of space available, and when space is limited, how you ensure users still have a pleasant experience within.

    Wallgate worked closely with MG Developments on the project and our expertise was sought out after the previously specified separate hand washing and drying options took up too much space in Pret’s smaller washrooms.

    Pret A Manger Toilet Cubicle with ThriiTap+

    ThriiTap + was the solution! The sleek, deck-mounted, 3-in-1 tap was installed sideways onto narrow basins to create more space within the small cubicles, helping remove the risk of slippery floors and mess caused by moving wet hands around the washroom.

    “During the fit-out stage, Pret’s contractors quickly realised that standard sensor taps and separate hand dryers were going to cause an issue. The rooms are small, and alternative hand dryers were effectively blowing water from washed hands all over the floor, which not only posed a slip risk for customers but also created continual mess that must be cleaned, meaning staff have less time to serve customers.”

    Pret A Manger Toilet Cubicle with ThriiTap+

    The versatility of ThriiTap+ means it can be fitted to almost any space. Whether it’s a corner fitting, front fitting, or sideways fitting, Wallgate can work with you to create the perfect washroom solution.

    The smallest hand wash dryer on the market dispenses soap, water, and HEPA-filtered air all from a single outlet for quick, touch-free, effective hygiene at wash basins.

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